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cheap louis vuitton outlet castle built by the Chaobai River, will be staged at the peak of the Star Wars, and will be a grand finale of the 22nd China Model Star Contest. 100 Jin 50 final 20:00 tonight, open the 'star' made the correct way of war! Li Lin, general manager of the work welcome attention October 25, China 's high-end fashion brand NE · TIGER2016' Qing cheongsam 'advanced customization conference in the world' s one billion people live viewing shock opening. Looking to the Chinese costumes and civilization oneworld, the quintessence of the quintessence of qipao On stage, Peking Opera WuSheng sonorous opening, sing the China International Fashion Week gorgeous Overture. With the historical image of thick and heavy color slowly, on the other hand, it is a light through the universe, rendering the dress belongs to the East myth. More than four years ago from the Imperial Palace in Shenyang to the Forbidden City in Beijing, as if a journey through, illuminating the Beijing Hotel Golden Hall. Dress dazzle light louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store dash across time and space, bringing an impact on the world of the Oriental Fashion storm ... cheongsam Gorgeous Emmanuel glorious season NE TIGER Chinese dress cheongsam conference is divided into classic, improved and innovative three series. Classic version of the Chinese clothing qipao recovery of the emperor of the dynasty and the Empress Dowager Cixi The Queen's dress is the emperor's throne in the throne, the heavens and other major ceremonies and ritual activities worn by the dress, a symbol of the brand protection and transmission of the Chinese culture of ritual determination. In the improved version Of the Chinese dress cheongsam unit, Yan bun ink eyebrow model dressed in costumes cheongsam lightly to. With the traditional opera singing, folk music, combined with modern electronic chord variation out of the moving style of Chinese and Western, NE TIGER continue 'through Ancient and modern integration of Chinese and Western 'design concept, the Qing Dynasty clothing louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet culture and international fashion trend with the moon. Crafts, the brand once again hand in Nanjing Brocade Research Institute, Kesi inheritance master Wang Yuxiang, and hundreds of embroidery masters, Peony, rose, rhododendron swaying on the cheongsam in the cheongsam; swollen with the color of red, yellow, accessories, the will be inlaid, roll, embedded, swing, paste, plate, nail, eight processes of the same strain; Senior custom workshop by the craftsmen who spend thousands of hours of hand-cut, stitching three-dimensional buds lifelike, pearl in the cheongsam collar, cuffs around the elegant feminine, Swarovski crystal as a star-like decoration Luo skirt between the yarn, breathtaking Experience 2016 most fascinating Chinese dress cheongsam in the years of the Sands in the shine. Innovative cheongsam design to retain the cheongsam itself exquisite, streamlined simplicity of the United States, in addition to retaining silk fabric, the use of newly developed elastic, cashmere louis vuitton factory outlet